I worked with Carrie in the two months before my PhD defense. It was a very intense and symbolically significant time for me, and it could have been a wellness trainwreck—if it hadn’t been for Carrie’s nurturing, intuitive, inspiring support. I always looked forward to our calls because I immediately felt supported, that I was speaking to someone who would truly listen and guide rather than push. She was able to feel her way to my true needs quickly and efficiently and then work with me to determine clear steps that could help me meet those needs. What I needed was grounding, centering, and a commitment to the things that REALLY make me feel good. Carrie had an incredible ability to sense what I needed the most and steer me in that direction in a compassionate way that actually convinced me to DO it! Thank you Carrie!

~ Victoria Chang, age 33


"Carrie’s coaching sessions that accompanied my new habits toward greater integrity always took me somewhere deeper.  It was as if she were across the table listening deeply, asking questions and offering insights with empathy and care. Carrie became a touch-point for me when I felt stuck or overwhelmed. Her gentle, nurturing style allowed me to step away each time rejuvenated, feeling more clarity, and often a carrying forward new tool that helped create just the shift I needed."

~ Donna O'Malley, age 62


I am so thankful for Carrie’s heart-centered support. She brings care, authenticity, and presence to each meeting.  Whether I needed creative support in tackling an issue, or a calming meditation, she had a full toolbox to help guide me in the right direction.

~ B. Isabelle Castro, age 36




You have GOT to try Bliss Therapy! I had a session earlier this week and truly reached new levels in relaxation, grounding, well-being and detox. Thank you Carrie for providing such an important service to our community. I'll be back!

-Francie St. Onge


Carrie is amazing! Visit the little red cabin - you will not be disappointed! 

~ Chauncy Gardner


“Most incredible and unique treatment I’ve received!!! Carrie pours her heart into her work!”

~ Laura Crist